Led application areas

Our areas of specialisation into Led light's application

Platinum and Premium Light, when light quality makes the difference

Lighting doesn't just mean "turn on the light to see better". In the exhibition field lighting has a great importance as it has in the interior design field. The difference between a product displayed on a shelf with a standard lighting and a product lightened with promolux Leds, is huge; in this case, light makes the difference. This concept is critical in all those areas where the highest fidelity into reproducing an original and not artefact color, due to a lousy lighting, is extremely required. For this reason, Promolux, has developed a line of “special” Leds especially designed for the application in specific areas and able to highlight colours in all their shades and with bright hue.

In una graphic industry è fondamentale
la produzione delle immagini e dei colori
secondo le specifiche Cliente.
E’ necessaria una visione bilanciata e
oggettiva dei colori

In a clothing store,
where the exhibition of a dress call the attention of the customer, it is fundamental to correctly enhance and calibrate the colours of the merchandise displayed.

In a medical center, the quality of the light is foundamental for two reasons: avoid to tire eyes during surgery too much and highlight with a perfect contrast areas of intervention.